With 15 second remaining, down 39-38, QB Max O’Shea of the Golden Phoenix found Daniel MacDonald for a huge first down in White Lions territory.

With 5 second remaining, an O’Shea to Christian Calabria touchdown (his 4th for the game) as time expired put the Golden Phoenix on top 44-39 for the win. Coach Mitchell Wiseman’s team is now 2-0 for the season and they will play the other 2-0 team so far, the Blue Ankle Breakers.

The White Lions made huge strides over Week #1, Daniel (“DJ”) Mauga-Hall also had 4 touchdowns himself after the team could only manage 15 total points in their first game of the season.

In the second game, the Ankle Breakers played the Hurricanes, the ability of the Ankle Breakers to distribute the ball to 4 different scorers showed how well they have picked up their offensive systems. Harry Clarke scored twice then added 3 PAT’s whilst for the Hurricanes, Ned Rickard’s 3 scores keep them in the hunt throughout. The 38-22 final score showed that both team’s can score points and move the ball, Coach Daniel Besz’s offense leads the competition in scoring but most importantly has conceded the fewest points.

Next week the Hurricanes (0-2) play the White Lions (0-2) whilst the Golden Phoenix (2-0) plus the Ankle Breakers (2-0).

#1 Ankle Breakers 2-0, 73 points for/36 against.
#2 Golden Phoenix 2-0, 72 points for/59 against.
#3 White Lions 0-2, 53 points for/79 against.
#4 Green Hurricanes 0-2, 42 points for/66 against.  


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