11x NSW State Champions (Colts) – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2020

3x NSW State Champions (Division 1 Men’s) – 1997, 2000 & 2001

In 2022, our club is entering its 35th Year. The Seahawks were formed in 1987 by club legend Terry Johnston. Not long after that, the Seahawks were born on May 6th 1987 at Queens Park in a scrimmage against the Bondi Raiders. During this time, the love for Gridiron grew in the Sutherland Shire area and Caringbah High School field was called home for many years until 2003. 5 Sports, Caringbah, Forshaw Park, Sylvania & Marang Park, Kurnell have all been a place we have called home since.

In 1995, the first Colts team was made starting an impressive run of wins and championships over the next couple of decades.

The History of Gridiron New South Wales

Gridiron NSW (GNSW) Is The Controlling Body Of Gridiron In This State And Is Affiliated With Gridiron Australia (GA). Organized Gridiron Has Existed In This State Since 1983.

Prior to 1984 no official organised gridiron competition existed, the Super Bowl had just started to be shown on Australian television and the country was starting to buzz about American football, however, reports state that 5 loose teams were formed back in 1979 by Wes McGrath and Steve Jones.

These early teams started an interstate competition before the official start of the league in 1984. After the Wide World of Sports media promo, It finally all started rolling with an advertisement on radio and in the paper. From there it was a matter of calling upon those who were to be the first administrators of the sport here in NSW.

The meeting occurred at Steve Jones’s (Founder of the today’s UNSW Raiders, previously the Waverley Raiders) home and such the first minutes are recorded with official founding members Ken and Debbie Jarrett, Doug and Jenny Ringhoff, Steve Jones, David York, Dan DeLacy, David Little, Chris Russell, Wes McGrath, and Brett Holman. From there, Gridiron NSW was born.

Notable Seahawks Alumni

The club takes great pride in developing pathways for players to play at the highest levels, providing access to the physical and strategic skills necessary to enrol and play at the collegiate level

Players from the Seahawks who have played at NCAA schools:

– Adrian Thomas (Hawaii)

– Andrew Moenting (Arizona Western)

– Blake Muir (Hawaii then transferred to Baylor)

– Sean Muir (Baylor)

– Stuart Lips (Marshall)

– Zac Holman (Illinois)

– Haoping Tang (Colorado State-Pueblo)

The following players have reached the NFL:

– Blake Muir (offensive lineman)- Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers

Club Championship Honour Roll

  • 1992 NSWGFL AA Championship Vs Liverpool Pirates
  • 1997 NSWGFL Championship Vs ACT Astros
  • 2000 NSWGFL Championship Vs Sydney University Lions
  • 2000 NSWGFL Junior Championship Vs Manly Redbacks
  • 2001 NSWGFL Championship Vs Sydney University Lions
  • 2003 NSWGFL Colts Championship Vs Penrith City Chiefs
  • 2004 NSWGFL Colts Championship Vs Penrith City Chiefs
  • 2005 NSWGFL Colts Championship Vs West Sydney Trojans
  • 2006 NSWGFL Colts Championship Vs UTS Gridiron
  • 2010 GNSW Colts Championship Vs Sydney University Cubs
  • 2013 GNSW Colts Championship Vs Sydney University Cubs
  • 2014 GNSW Colts Championship Vs West Sydney Trojans
  • 2015 GNSW Colts Championship Vs North West Sydney Predators
  • 2016 GNSW Colts Championship Vs UTS Gators
  • 2017 GNSW Colts Championship Vs Sydney University Cubs
  • 2020 GNSW Colts Championship Vs UTS Gators

Colts Head Coaches By Year

  • Michael Orchard 1995-1998
  • Michael Southon 1999
  • Kim Kilpatric 2000
  • Peter Upham 2001-2007
  • Chris Bondin 2008-2009
  • Sam Rababi 2010-2011
  • Christos Lambropolous 2012-2015
  • Jason Lambropolous 2016-2018
  • Daniel Besz 2018-Present

Div One Head Coaches By Year

  • Terry Johnston 1987 -1996
  • Michael Orchard 1997- 1999
  • Phil Hunt 2000-2002
  • Ross Burden 2003
  • Peter Upham 2004-2014
  • Christos Lambropolous 2016-2018
  • Peter Upham 2019