November 26th, 2015

Picking up the stunt between the End and Mike in the ‘Psycho’ defense.

Turn the defensive tackle on the dart read.

 This play should have been a pull on the zone read, can’t be perfect every time, Blake’s block was a good one though.

 Come off the double team and peel back on the 2nd level.

Inside zone read on the goal line.

 One more inside zone read.

November 24th, 2015

Baylor is now #5 in the Associated Press Poll, with most of the top teams winning or being idle Baylor is not expected to rise in the College Playoff poll this week.

A clip of Blake out for the coin toss as one of the Captains for the OSU game.

November 23rd, 2014

Baylor were victorious 49-28 over Oklahoma State today, the threat of a thunderstorm made the conditions wet but the game was completed without any lightning interruptions.

The offense racked up 317 yards from 58 carries and the team will now play Texas Tech at AT&T stadium next week as they attempt to consolidate their playoff chances.

November 21st, 2014

Blake was named on the 1st team Academic All Big 12 conference team along with 12 other football players; 17 in total.

Blake was previously on the All Mountain West Conference Academic Team. Not sure how frequently a player has done this in two different conferences. To achieve the first team selection, the player must hold a 3.20 or better gpa and have participated in 60% or more of their team’s contests.

November 18th, 2014

All attention is on the Oklahoma State Cowboys game this week, kickoff will be 11.30am Sunday in Australia.

Last year Oklahoma State beat Baylor in Stillwater, Oklahoma. That loss derailed Baylor’s season and the program and its fans have not forgotten quickly. The program has called for a ‘BlackOut’, fans have been asked to wear black for this game as they did for last year’s Oklahoma Sooners game at home which Baylor won.

The Cowboys are 5-5 and need at least one more win to become bowl eligible. They have suffered through a down year and riding a 4 game losing streak.

The week off puts Baylor in a great spot for a huge game. Blake and Sean have been catching up with school work like most of the team.

The media guide has published the OL gradings through to the OU game and Blake still sits on top with the equal best grading, slightly ahead on knockdowns.

 The media guide also published this great information on the pass protection for the Baylor OL so far in 2014.

November 17th, 2014

Despite having the week off, Baylor are up to #6 in the Coaches’ Poll and await the updated ranking from the College Football Playoff committee. THAT poll is the key one to decide which teams go to the 2 playoff bowl games; the winners advancing to the National Championship game.

The two playoff bowl games this year (they rotate) are the Rose Bowl (Pasedena, California) and Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, Louisiana). Last week Baylor was ranked #7 in the committee’s poll and 2 of the team above them lost yesterday; Mississippi State and Arizona State. Additionally, TCU is ranked above Baylor due in part to the fact that they have played and beaten the ranked Kansas State and Baylor doesn’t play them until the last week.

It is hoped that results will fall in a favourable way for Baylor but if they can at the least win their remaining three games against Oklahoma State (Home), Texas Tech (neutral site) and Kansas State (home) then that will give them an 11-1 season and Big 12 co-championship. It would mean a co-championship because TCU could finish with the same conference record, however, because Baylor won their head to head game they obviously have the advantage at the end of the year once all the regular season games have been played in terms of going to one of the playoff bowl games.

The committee’s poll will be updated Wednesday Australian time but Baylor just have to keep winning and finish 11-1.


November 10th, 2014

A historic win for the Baylor Bears on saturday, they beat Oklahoma 48-14 in Oklahoma for the first time .

This game was circled from the preseason as an all-important one and the Bears delivered in the biggest way possible, fighting back from being 14-3 down then scoring the next 34 points unanswered. The elevates Baylor to #6 in the AP Poll and we will find out where they land in the playoff committee poll on Wednesday Australian time.

Blake made his 21st start and the first team played through to the middle of the 4th quarter. The team has a bye week now before taking on Oklahoma State at home.

Important 4th down conversion here, watch Blake turn the Oklahoma defensive tackle.

 As has been pointed out before, watch how much lower in his stance Blake is. Mobility has really paid off in his preparation in Australia, no offensive lineman has better flexibility.

 Here Blake has an easy job of just walling off the defensive end on the dart read, but this was a crucial TD on the first drive of the 2nd half that essentially sealed the result then and there.

November 7th, 2014

only a few days away from the key Oklahoma game. A few endzone view gifs from the latest Baylor Athletics upload.

November 4th, 2014

A couple of quick gifs from the excellent highlight uploads by Baylor Athletics. If you haven’t subscribed to their youtube channel then you are missing out.

November 3rd, 2014

It was Homecoming week for Baylor and they celebrated with a 60-14 win over the Kansas Jayhawks. But that wasn’t the big news from the game.

Blake started his 20th career game and the Baylor offensive line starters played excellently albeit with the new right side starters of Jarell Broxton and Pat Colbert (both played superbly). But that wasn’t the big news.

The big news was that Sean played his first game in the 4th quarter for the Bears, coming in as the 2nd string center as the Bears drove the length of the field from their own 2 yard line before kneeing out the game inside the Jayhawks 5. Whilst Blake was already off the field by this time, getting on the field for the first time as a redshirt freshman is a landmark step for Sean. Gifs from the game of both of them will be up late today or tomorrow.

The Bears are now ranked #10 in the AP poll and next week will travel to Oklahoma to play the Sooners. At the beginning of the year this was looked at as THE game for the Big 12. With the Sooners already losing twice and Baylor suffering a loss the game has dropped a little in significance but if the Bears can win in Norman, Oklahoma for the first time in their history then it will go a long way to solidifying their strength of schedule which is very back loaded compared to the teams ranked near them.

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