March 31st, 2014
A lot of injuries on the OL unit right now.
The experiment of Blake at Center has had to change with other OT’s
unable to see out the rest of spring through injury. Sean even had to
take reps on the first team, something not a lot of freshmen were
expected to do. Blake himself sat out saturday’s scrimmage after
twisting his ankle on thursday last week. He’ll be back out there for
this tuesday’s practice which most likely will be pretty light anyhow as
the team moves towards the Saturday spring game. Saturday was only the
third every practice that Blake has missed reps on in 4 years so that was a new experience.
With so few tackles, the reps at Center probably wont continue for Blake until Fall camp.

March 23rd 2014,
is the first team center as the Baylor Bears advance towards their
Spring Game on April 5th. The Bears have 6 practices to go and these are
vital in forming a foundation for when Fall camp opens in August.
The new stadium will host SMU on a nationally televised game August 31st.

March 21st 2014,
the Baylor Bears Pro Day was held yesterday, here are the highlights.

The Bears have also re-started spring practice. Blake has taken reps
at Center with the improved health of others at the tackle position.
Earlier in the spring practice series there were only 3 healthy tackles,
including Blake, so each had to cycle double duty on the first and
second team.
The 2014 season will largely hinge on the ability for
the Bears to replace 2, possibly 3, starters from 2013 on the OL.
Testing combinations is vital in this Spring period.

March 11th, 2014
Bears are on Spring Break. Blake and Sean will be using the time to get
in a few of their own lifting sessions, have a look at some places that
they may move in to for the fall semester and also take up an
invitation to go shooting: something which neither of them have done

After the break, the Bears ill build towards their April 5 Spring game.

March 7th, 2014
practice has been going for a few days and today the Bears had there
5th day, culminating with a team scrimmage. Both the offense and defense
made big plays, the offense scoring long TD’s as well as redzone reps,
the defense was able to get sacks and at least one fumble recovery.

A full report can be found here on the official Baylor Bears athletic page. 

Courtesy of the same site, here is Sean #74 blocking during the scrimmage.

Blake has been repping on the first team at Left Tackle and earlier in
the week at Right Tackle and Center. Some injuries however have meant
that he is focusing on Left Tackle, possibly for the remainder of the
Spring. The Bears will break for 10 days and then resume the remainder
of the Spring ball period leading up to the final Spring scrimmage on
April 5th.

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