The diary blog page of Blake (#73) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former
Sutherland Seahawk players and now Baylor Football offensive linemen.

December 24th 2015

Tomorrow the team heads to Orlando and the bowl site hotel.

The team actually practices on christmas day afternoon as you can see from the schedule below. Blake will start the game at Right Tackle as he did for the Texas game.

It will be yet another christmas away from home and family, but when that happens it means that there’s been a bowl game appearance…… that’s a good thing. No word yet on the gifts that are made available to players attending the game. Its usually things like clothes, watches, gift vouchers, bags etc.

December 23rd 2015

Taken from the Baylor Athletics bowl guide. his is the itinerary for the team leading up to the Bowl Game in Orlando.

The final OL grading has been published as well. Outland Trophy finalist Spencer Drango again rated out in front, Blake finished in 2nd. Hard to know what it all means as there were several curious gradings of games, but it is what it is. Having a published grading that was 2nd best on the team with the #1 offense in the nation isn’t bad.

December 22th 2015,

Some pics of commencement will be up shortly.

In the meantime, here is Blake and his team mates giving a shout out to important people in their life. Let’s hear it for Jenny Muir, Blake and Sean’s mum.

December 12th 2015,

Exams are going on, then Blake will have his commencement ceremony on Dec 19th at the University in Waco.

The build up media for the bowl game is underway.

December 11th 2015,

Taken from the Senior season recognition upload from Baylor Athletics.


Some better plays from the Texas game.

This is inverted veer, with Blake back at the Left guard spot.

Shock Linwood takes it out the front side on split zone, Blake again at his normal Left Guard spot.

More inside zone with kick action by the H-back, this time from Right tackle for Blake, and direct snaps to the RB.

Now on the backside of outside zone from the right tackle spot. Here you have to move fast to cut off defenders who are fast flowing.

This play was one of Blake’s better ones for the year. Looks like he’s shot out of a cannon on the veer release (arc release) getting to the 2nd level to cut the linebacker.

December 10th 2015,

All Conference teams come out for the Big 12. Its a strange world this football thing. Blake was honorable mention in 2014 but wasn’t listed at all this year. However, was named on the first team for the Bleacher Report and also first team for ESPN! Nice to see that someone is watching, but it really makes you wonder what really goes into all these lists.

He joins team mates Corey Coleman, Spencer Drango and Andrew Billings on the 1st team selections for Bleacher Report.

ESPN noted how well Blake performed compared to Spencer Drango who was named Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the year.

Also, from Coach Briles’ press conference last week, some kind words about the offensive line unit.

December 9th 2015,

Some great pics of Blake on Senior Day and Sean out there for warm ups early with the other Centers courtesy of Jim Black.

December 8th 2015,

Blake has 5 exams this week; Sean has a full slate of exams too. Blake’s hoping they’re the last he ever has to take as he graduates next week and family are heading over to see the ceremony.

The team gets a week off to rest and then has practices scheduled in the lead up to the Bowl game which is held in Orlando, Florida. It will be Blake and Sean’s first trip to Florida.

Blake’s away games attended…..
2011 (Travel Squad) Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada;
Ruston, Louisiana; San Jose, California; Moscow, Idaho.
2012 Los Angeles, California; Provo, Utah; San Diego, California;
Fort Collins, Colorado; Fresno, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado.
2014 Buffalo, New York; Ames, Iowa; Austin, Texas;
Morgantown, West Virginia; Norman, Oklahoma; Arlington, Texas; Arlington,
2015 Dallas, Texas; Arlington, Texas; Lawrence, Kansas;
Manhattan, Kansas; Stillwater, Oklahoma; Fort Worth, Texas; Orlando, Florida.

Add to that, all the games in Hawaii and in Waco, Texas. (Might make a map of all his games)

It will come to 37 starts from 37 games played. Blake missed 1 game from sickness (Cotton Bowl 2014) and missed 5 practices in total (1 in 2012, 4 in spring 2014.) Not bad for such a tough grueling sport.

December 7th 2015,

Well, nothing in a programs planning includes losing your 3rd QB to injury and having to use your punt returner to run your offense but that’s what happened to Baylor against Texas and ultimately they lost at home for the 2nd time this year 23-17.

Its a terrible way to end a regular season that could have been the best ever. They are now 9-3 and will play North Carolina in the Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec 29th (30th in Australia).

Blake has one game remaining in his college career. He made his 36th start, this time at Right Tackle for the first time. Here is his bio as honored with the other seniors.

A full report can be found here.

December 5th 2015

Baylor has reached the last regular season game. The game against the Texas Longhorns will kick off at 4am Sunday morning Sydney time. A win in this game will alsmot certainly send Baylor to the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day vs an SEC team, quite possibly Ole Miss.

For Blake it is his last home game, and will be his 36th start from 36 career games. Baylor’s senior class has a lot of wins under its belt and has seen a lot of success.

December 2nd 2015

Caught up with former Seahawk Adrian Thomas today via messenger. He’s in the UK at the moment working for a consultancy firm. Enjoying life over there. Football really has taken him around the world. His 5 years at Hawai’i 2006-2010 saw him start 16 games and attend the 2006 Hawaii Bowl, 2007 Sugar Bowl, 2008 Hawai’i Bowl and 2010 Hawai’i Bowl. The team was ranked 10th in 2007 and 16th in 2010.

After Hawai’i, football took him home and to Germany to play.

One of the best players to every go through the Sutherland Seahawks club.

Blake on his recruiting trip to Hawai’i with Coach Gordy Shaw and Adrian Thomas back in 2010.

December 1st, 2015

A lot of pics this year of Blake on the way to games.

A photo posted by @bufootball on Nov 27, 2015 at 1:38pm PST

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