An incomplete pass as time expired from the Golden Phoenix secured the Ankle Breakers 32-31 win in the first ever Seahawks 5 an Junior competition.

Coach Daniel Besz directed the team to an undefeated season, a feat he would repeat a day later quarterbacking the club’s Colts team.

Multiple touchdowns to Harry Clarke, who led the competition with 27 for the season, as well as Ethan McKean and Ryhs Downs kept the Ankle Breakers slightly ahead, the point after touchdowns vitally important.

Both quaterbacks played great Spencer Christlo for the Breakers and Max O’Shea for the Phoenix threw multiple touchdowns and just 1 interception a piece.

The Breakers and Phoenix played 3 very close games in 2015. 37-33, 45-35 and 32-31. The football was tremendously entertaining each time and it kept the spectators enthrawled.

In the 3rd v 4th game, a touchdown as time expired gave the Hurricanes a 44-39 victory over the White Lions. Both teams have suffered tough losses this year, underlining the competitiveness of the competition amongst so many inexperienced players.

Footage and photos will follow.

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