The diary blog page of Blake (#73) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former
Sutherland Seahawk players and now Baylor Football offensive linemen.

October 29th 2015,

As you would expect, there is no change in the intensity and sense of direction for Baylor this year, no matter who the QB is.

October 28th 2015,

Maybe we can distract the bad news with some gifs.

The Bears don’t run very much outside zone; maybe they should.

Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones: 10-24-15

Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones: 10-24-15

In at Right Tackle on this play down on the goal line.

Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones: 10-24-15

Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones: 10-24-15

Baylor Bears vs Iowa State Cyclones: 10-24-15

October 27th 2015,

The news today has obviously been terrible. Baylor’s starting QB Seth Russell who did not finish the game vs Iowa State is reportedly out for the season with a neck injury that will require surgery.

A full report can be read here.

Back up Jarrett Stidham, a highly rated recruit in this year’s class who arrived on campus a semester early will take over and he has been outstanding so far this year in mop up duty, throwing 10 TD and 0 INT’s.

Whilst this obviously makes things hard for Baylor, they are still undefeated, still have the #1 offense in the nation, have an extra few days to prep for the Kansas State game and will otherwise will be at full strength for this first in a series of 5 tough games to round out the regular season.

October 26th 2015,

A wet an unpleasant day in Waco for Homecoming resulted in a win as predicted for Baylor but in the process, starting Qb Seth Russell looks like will miss some time.

The Bears got up 35-0 at the half before finishing with a 45-27 win over the Iowa State Cyclones.

A full recap can be read on the Baylor Athletics site here.

The Bears will now have a week off and prepare for a Thursday night game against Kansas State University on Thursday night November 5th (Friday 11.30am in Sydney).

Blake made his 31st career start at Left Guard. Some highlight gifs will be posted in the next few days.

October 20th 2015,

The latest grading is up. Blake had the highest grading for the West Virginia game and you can see that he stacks up well against his peers. Hopefully being on even footing with All-American Spencer Drango like he was last year will count for something in terms of accolades and assessment from professional scouts for the next level.

I tried to get some gifs up of the WVU game but the settings on the upload wont allow it. Here is a Vine from Chris Brown on

Good example of how Blake is always under control, accounts for his defender and the play is executed.

A good pic of Sean from early warm ups in the West Virginia game.

October 18th 2015,

Baylor’s offense demonstrated that it can score on anyone with a 68-32 win over West Virginia.

Highlights and report can be seen here.

Blake made his 30th career start today, playing a drive at Right Tackle in the 4th quarter as well as his usual Left Guard spot.

The team, ranked #2 in the nation right now, will play Iowa State next week before having a week off.

October 14th 2015,

An interesting set of stats courtesy of Phil Baylor’s offense is #1 in yards per play this year with 9.1. If they keep it up they could break the record for a season which is currently held by the 2006 Hawaii offense with 8.58, a team that another ex-Seahawk Adrian Thomas played on.

Where is Hawaii’s offense this year? They’re averaging 4.3 yards, good enough for 4th last, just another bit of proof that leaving was the right thing to do for Blake. Unfortunately that program has been brought to its knees by the current Head Coach.

October 13th 2015,

As per last year where he narrowly finished 2nd behind All-American Spencer Drango, Blake is again fairing well relative to his peers in the OL grading as published in the game notes on the Baylor Athletics page (‘KD’ stands for ‘knockdown’)

Highlights of Blake’s better plays…..

Here Shock Linwood takes the ball out the front side on the inside zone read.

Baylor vs Kansas Full Game 10/10/2015 NCAA Football 2015 Week 06

Blake lines up at Right Tackle on this play and runs the Dart.

Baylor vs Kansas Full Game 10/10/2015 NCAA Football 2015 Week 06

Pass pro is usually pretty boring, the Baylor OL is setting records for fewest sacks allowed per game. It gets more interesting when defenders get thrown to the ground.

Baylor vs Kansas Full Game 10/10/2015 NCAA Football 2015 Week 06

October 11th 2015,

Baylor dispatched Kansas as expected 66-7 where the offensive starters did not play at all in the second half.

Blake made his 29th start at Left Guard and also played Right Tackle in the 2nd quarter.

Full details can be found here.

The Baylor offense has continued to set records. They have now scored 321 points over 5 games, the most by any school since major classification began in 1937.

The Waco Tribune had a nice article on the Baylor offensive line this week as well.

Blake lines up vs Texas Tech as the afternoon sun pours through the endzone windows of AT&T Stadium. Courtesy Waco Tribune.

October 10th 2015,

The team has headed off to Lawrence, Kansas for their second away game and first away conference game for the Big 12.

October 8th 2015,

RB coach Jeff Lebby breaks down 3 of the scoring plays from the Texas Tech game.

October 5th 2015,

#5 Baylor vs Texas Tech 2015

#5 Baylor vs Texas Tech 2015

#5 Baylor vs Texas Tech 2015

October 4th 2015,

Baylor won 63-35 over Texas Tech at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas yesterday and are now 4-0 of the season.

Blake started his 28th game and was elected as one of the captains for the game.

It was another dominant performance from Baylor, they had 333 yards of offense in the first quarter and put the game beyond doubt at the half.

A full report can be found here.

 Next week Baylor plays an early game at Kansas. Baylor is now ranked 4th in the Coaches Poll and 5th in the AP Poll.

October 2nd 2015,

Courtesy of the OurDailyBears page, some excellent advanced metrics on the offensive line of Baylor and their upcoming game against Texas Tech. (game will be 5.30am Sunday morning in Sydney)

The Baylor Offensive Line is #1 in the nation in ‘Standard Downs Line Yardage’, ‘Opportunity Rate’ and ‘Passing Down Sack rate’. Also #3 in the nation in ‘Stuff rate’.

Go to the link to read what it all means and compare with the abilities of the Texas Tech defense; basically it doesn’t look good for the Red Raiders.

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