The diary blog page of Blake (#73) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former
Sutherland Seahawk players and now Baylor Football offensive linemen.

November 30th 2015,

Well, all good things must come to an end. The TCU game was wet, it was cold and it ruined what was a highly anticipated game, arguably the most highly anticipated game leading into 2015.

It could never match the 61-58 contest from last year although it did come down to double overtime, TCU winning 28-21 in the end when Baylor couldn’t convert on 4th down. Both teams were without several starters and both teams played out of sorts. 5 turnovers from Baylor hurt, in particular a fumble on 3rd down when inside the TCU redzone. A field goal there with 10min remaining would hav ebeen enough for a win.

As it turns out, with Oklahoma winning, Baylor will probably end u in the same spot it would have with a win. The likely outcome with a win over Texas this saturday is that the Bears will go to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on New Years day and play against the #2 SEC team, most likely Ole Miss or Florida.

Blake played a nother solid game despite the fact that everything about the timing and play selection for the offense was topsy turvy. It was impossible to catch a ball and they ran it 71 times. Blake got through it okay, his wrist still bothered him a little and it wont be till he gets 3 weeks off leading into the bowl game that it will get back to 100%.

Some better plays from the highlights.

Baylor Football: Highlights vs. TCU

Two plays there. One on the gola line where Blake has been great all year and gets so low in his stance, he is impossible to submarine. Second play is where he springs Johnny Jefferson in the longest run of the game with the power play and takes out 2 defenders.

Baylor Football: Highlights vs. TCU

Again, here on the goal line, this time on the play side of power. The backer has walked down over the center and so its iso blocking while Broxton pulls and Chafin runs tight and straight to the endzone.

This was the final TD in overtime. A jump pass, unorthodox but in the conditions scores were manufactured an way possible.

Baylor Football: Highlights vs. TCU

November 27th 2015,

So its Thanksgiving Day today in the US. The boys had lunch with team mates at the Ferrell Center on campus.

Over the years they’ve had some great days on public holidays in the US. Christmas’, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and so on. It looks like New South Wales has 11 public holidays and Texas has 10.

Tomorrow’s game means that the players didn’t really get to venture too far from school for those who live in Texas. Tomorro’ws game starts at 11.30am Sydney time.

November 24th 2015,

A couple of plays that are nice to look at. Easy to run power when they dont try to spill the run. Who knows why they thought this was a good idea but Baylor ended up with 300 yard rushing.

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Baylor Bears 11-21-2015

This is how you stick someone in the dirt who is trying too hard to get vertical on a pass rush inside.

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Baylor Bears 11-21-2015

November 23rd 2015,

What a game, one of the team’s best. Despite needing 3rd string Qb Chris Johnson to take over from Jarrett Stidham who sprained his ankle, the Bears beat the Cowboys 45-35 in Stillwater.

A full recap can be found here.

The team had over 300 yards rushing and inflicted the first defeat of the season for Oklahoma State who were ranked 4th at the time. The Bears now have to regroup for a Friday night game at TCU which will be played saturday 11.30am in Australia.

Blake played another solid game, his 34th career start and came through just with the carry over wrist sprain and eye infection that annoyed him leading into it.

No telling yet what will happen in terms of starting QB for this week, its a short week and a huge game. If everyone remembers back to last year’s contest it ended up being the best game of the year and no doubt TCU will still want revenge for it.

November 21st 2015,

The camera seems to love Blake on the away game plane trips.

November 20th 2015,

Blake was named to the All-Big 12 Academic for the 2nd straight year to go with his 2012 All Mountain West selection.

Blake was selected to the first team with 4 team mates. 

November 19th 2015,

The Oklahoma State game will be 11.30am here in Sydney. There is a stream available from the Big 12 that can be paid for which will probably be the best way to watch in in Australia.

Blake has had to take some antibiotics for an infection from a cut from his helmet. Should be fine, no fever, just precautionary. You’ll probably notice the wrist support in the remaining games as well,  just to stay on top of spraining it any further.

Wasn’t much motivation to go through and pick out and make gifs from this game since it was a loss, but here are 2.

This cut back on the Dart lead had a nice 2nd level cut from Blake to effect the defender.

OU vs Baylor 2015

Caught OU in a blitz here with the playside end going outside. Blake and Kyle buried the Nose tackle.

OU vs Baylor 2015

November 17th 2015,

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

The Bears went down 44-34 to Oklahoma on the weekend, ending the chance at an undefeated season. The team took a lot of injuries in the game and Oklahoma had a great strategy. The team will have to re-group for the game at Oklahoma State this week to keep hopes alive for a Big 12 Championship.

Blake played fairly well and managed a wrist injury that has hung around since the Kansas State game. he played every snap at left guard. The offensive line unit had a tough game with the design of the front that Oklahoma ran. A full recap of the game can be found here.

Some good news for the offensive line, although I’m sure its little consolation from the loss, they have been named as Semi-finalists for the Joe Moore Award. The award will name 5 finalists on November 30th. Baylor is the only Big 12 school on the list of 20 schools.

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