The diary blog page of Blake and Sean Muir, brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players and now Baylor Football offensive linemen.

March 30th 2015,

Another video summary from Baylor Athletics. A report and links to photos and stats can be found here.



It leaves just 2 more practices remaining in the Spring period; that has gone very fast! Some other programs have not even started spring ball yet, which goes to show how early Baylor got into it.

Blake here blocking for RB Johnny Jefferson.

Sean here at Center having just snapped to Qb Chris Johnson.

March 27th 2015,

Some kind words from the well respected ‘Football Bob’ ftblbob5 on one of the Baylor fan sites. This retired coach has been a main-stay of Baylor football analysis for many years and is universally acclaimed and known in Baylor football-land.

If Spencer (Drango) and Blake Muir stay beside each other in the fall of 2015, that side of the offensive line looks to be very special. It is no small coincidence that the fact that Blake was too sick to play in the Cotton Bowl that Michigan State was able to create confusion in pass protection in the 4th quarter. Muir appears to have improved as a drive blocker and has always been very agile in pulls and traps required at offensive guard.’

March 22nd 2015,

These are the sorts of things you put up with as a football players, particularly as a Lineman. Blake’s finger isn’t broken but it did sublux (dislocated and went straight back into place) and hurt like heck. He’ll be wearing a heavy hand guard for the remaining 5 practices.

The good thing is that he has 6 weeks off after Spring football finishes before heading home for 7 weeks, plenty of time to get over it.

March 21st 2015,

Baylor conducted its Spring game highlight package has already been uploaded. I’ll try to cut up the shots of just Blake and Sean shortly. Blake started at Left Guard and also played Right Tackle during the scrimmage. Sean played Center.

Blake sprained the same finger that he injured leading into last year’s Kansas State game which bothered him a little as he didn’t get a chance to have it strapped properly. It wont keep it out of any practices though.

Blake at Left Guard

Sean at Center this rep.

Blake at Left Guard

Blake at Left Guard

Blake at Right Tackle

Blake at Left Guard

Blake at Left Guard

Sean at Center

Blake at Left Guard

March 20th 2015,

The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spring game will be held tomorrow (Saturday) morning Sydney 11.30am time. Look here for details and directions for updates on twitter and instagram.

Here is the upload of yesterday’s Pro Day.

March 19th 2015,

Information, pics and quotes can be found here regarding Baylor’s Pro Day.

Scouts also took measurements for the 2015 Seniors which included Blake.

Representatives from the Green Bay Packers and NY Giants took measurements on behalf of the recruiting agencies that the majority of NFL teams go through. Green Bay is with BLESTO, the Giants are with National.

Blake weighed 305.8lb and 6’5″ 1/4 in height, his wing span was 82″. Those are all as expected and stack up quite well, particularly the wingspan where anything over 80″ is considered very good.

Last year Blake headed back to Waco to start the second summer session at 317lb after training at home and it is expected that he will end up in a similar weight range for the 2015 season as well.

March 16th 2015,

Baylor’s Pro Day for the 2014 Seniors will be held on Wednesday. Blake and Sean have pretty busy schedules that day as well as practice in the afternoon so may not be able to see much.

Practice and school resume this week after spring break.

March 13th 2015,

Its spring break.  Not much happening, the weather in Waco has improved a little from the over night snow storms of early last week so its a bit of school and sleep catch up.

Baylor Athletics has posted an online advertisement for the upcoming Spring Game at McLane Stadium.

March 4th 2015,

The Baylor Bears are
racing through Spring practice. On thursday this week they will have a
scrimmage at McLane Stadium and then next week its Spring Break.

of the talk of the team through the media sources has been focused on
the few replacement positions for 2015. With so few, it doesn’t leave
many talking points. Obviously having a new QB is a significant factor
and Seth Russell sounds like he is taking everything in his stride.

is basically going through a continuation of 2014. So far its been
mostly reps at Left Guard and a few reps at Right Tackle as a part of a
variation with the other starters. Its not too different to last spring
except he hasn’t had to worry about taking reps at Center and there is a
lot more depth and health this Spring. Sean is continuing at Center as a
back up as expected. They’re both healthy which is always the main

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