For the upcoming 2022 season, the Sutherland Seahawks will defend their State Championship with a new look. Many conversations, opinions and options had been discussed for many years but following the success of the 2020 championship at PointsBet Stadium, the time was right.
The brief was tough, how can we update the iconic ‘wings’ jersey (adopted in 2014) acknowledging our history, success of the past and inspiring the next generation of Seahawks players.
The ‘Wings’ edition has been the identity of the Seahawks since 2014

Tribal Sport

In the wake of the pandemic, our club felt passionate about the need to support Australian companies and thanks to the great work that Tribal Sport do across our league, this was made possible. The flexibility and quality of the products were fantastic and looking forward to exploring further opportunities in the future.

Logo Patch

In 2019, our Seahawks logo was modernised to a lighter shade of blue to reflect the lighter blue jersey we had been wearing in our history. The new logo patch has moved from the centre to the upper right side of the chest.

Sutherland Wordmark

The ‘Sutherland’ chest wordmark has been added to compliment the ‘Seahawks’ on the back.

Shoulder Stripes

The Iconic ‘Black, White & Blue’ stripes has been apart of our community for decades. We wanted to see what we can add to our jerseys that will represent the Sutherland Shire area. It was a no-brainer creating a modern, but traditional design.