The diary blog page of Blake (#73) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former
Sutherland Seahawk players and now Baylor Football offensive linemen.

Highlights from the game.

I’ll try to post some gifs of Blake’s better plays. Having a bit of trouble with the upload though.

The dart read has been a popular play for Baylor this year. This play was the 2nd play of the game for the Baylor offense.

There wasn’t much pass pro in this game for the bears but Blake showed that he has adjusted to the Right Tackle spot without much problem.

This was probably Blake’s nicest looking play. Blocking down on Power where he comes off the double team to a nicely placed peel back defender at the 2nd level.

A pretty easy job here on the front side of the Dart read.

Washing down on zone.

Its important to get good movement on a double-team.

Dart read, and doe-si-doe the defender whilst Blake Blackmar does a nice job as well.

This play just shows how dead UNC defenders were by the end.

December 31st 2015,

A tremendous and record setting win for Baylor 49-38 over North Carolina. All sorts of records were set by the offense, in particular, most rushing yards in a bowl game in history, and amazing 644 for the game. The offensive line was lauded for their performance. Read more here.

There were many many many great plays. Blake started his 37th career game, this time at Right Tackle.

December 29th 2015,

Tomorrow’s game will be shown in Australia at 9.30am on ESPN. The team is the underdog due to the number of starters out, particularly on offense.

The boys take in the sights at Orlando’s Disney World.

December 27th 2015,
The team is in Orlanda and practicing. Here is Sean taking reps in practice opposite Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Andrew Billings.

Sean has probably blocked Billings more than anyone on Earth. Just about every day in practice these two will go at, such a great experience for Sean to have such a dominant player to measure against every day.

Pay attention as always to the BUFootball instagram page. Lots of great pics there, as always Blake has managed to get his head on their a bit.

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