An amazingly close and gripping end to the clash between the Golden Phoenix and Blue Ankle Breakers resulted in the Ankle Breakers step into the #1 ranked spot so far in the 2015 competition with a 37-33 victory.

The Golden Phoenix again took their game down to the wire. As per their week 2 game, they had the ball last with 15 seconds remaining after a time out. This time however, they could not make the go ahead score as time expired and the Ankle Breakers instead would stretch their season record to 3-0.

Harry Clarke and Ethan McKean both scored twice for the Ankle Breakers, Liam Shiagetz for the Phoenix had 3 touchdowns.

In the Hurricanes vs White Lions game, two teams searching for their first victory, defense was the premiere early factor. The 0-0 halftime score didn’t last, Daniel Mauga-Hall’s 2 touchdowns quickly put the Lions up for their first win and 29-12 final score.

This Friday the Golden Phoenix will play the Hurricanes and the Ankle Breakers will play the White Lions. Games start 6.40pm fridays at Waratah Athletics Track.

#1 Ankle Breakers 3-0, 110 points for/69 against.
#2 Golden Phoenix 2-1, 105 points for/96 against.
#3 White Lions 1-2, 82 points for/91 against.
#4 Green Hurricanes 0-2, 54 points for/95 against. 

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