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REGRETTABLY, there are insufficient resources to operate Junior Gridiron for 2018.

The continued scheduled of all divisions at the same time of year has meant that coaching resources in particular are stretched too thinly to properly operate all levels to a satisfactory standard.

Junior gridiron has been extremely successful for the club over the last 5 years with numerous players and coaches rising through the ranks and into our successful Colts program. The choice unfortunately has to be made that without proper coaching resources the season cannot be run as desired.

The Junior program will be re-visited as an option in 2019.


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(Rookie try outs May. Preseason starts June, Competition August to Dec)

In 2018 is for players aged 15-18 (born 1999-03 for 2018 season) and is played on Saturdays. Practices are Wednesday 6.30pm to 8pm and Friday 7-9pm during the preseason, film review nights are Monday or Tuesday with on-field practice on Wednesday in the regular season. The practice field is Waratah Athletics Track Sutherland.

An equipment fit out is held at the team gym prior to first practice. New players should inquire March to May. Serious players should be preparing physically for the season. Off season training occurs here and is discounted for club players.

*** Try outs for the 2018 season will be Friday 7pm on May 18th and May 25th details here. First team practice will be Friday June 15th.***



(Rookies March to May. Team preseason starts June, Competition August to Dec. Costs are below.)

The competition is for players aged 18 years and older, rookie players are welcome to join the team. Rookie try outs are usually in April every year. The Gridiron NSW season runs from September until December, games are played on saturdays.

Rookies should contact about joining off season practices from March to May. Team practices are Wednesday 7pm to 9pm and Saturday 3.30pm to 5.30pm in the preseason. In season film sessions occur Mondays. Ask yourself if you are preparing physically for the season.

Serious players should be preparing physically for the season. Off season training occurs here and is discounted for club players.

*** First team practice for the 2018 season will be Saturday June 16th 3.30pm at Waratah Athletics Track. New players will need to arrange equipment fit out and sign up in the week prior to this first practice at the team gym Shire Speed and Strength***

Contact page here.

Players fees for first year players are as follows. Returning players will purchase their own equipment.

Juniors $250 includes equipment, uniform and gym membership.

Colts $280 includes equipment and uniform.

Division One $380 includes equipment and uniform for rookie players.



Every year new players come to the club to start Gridiron for the first time. Some will be able to adapt to the game quickly and bring skills that transfer easily. Some however are not prepared physically.


Gridiron, at its best, has a large ratio of preparation time to playing time. Additionally, there is no ‘B grade’. The best players will see the most game time and the coaches will not take on players who are not prepared physically. Training in the off season, watching film sessions, attending practices and mastering skills give the best return of time and energy,

Players will put themselves in the best position to succeed if they are strong, fast and agile. This is at a range of body types. The coaches will funnel new players towards positions that best suit their skills set and size. Our sport needs big players, smaller players, players who can tackle, block, catch, throw  kick and long snap. In a game of specialization, the coaches will find what you can do best and that is how you can best contribute to the team.


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