The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74 retired), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 


The Falcons obviously had the longest season along with the Patriots. For Blake, and other rookie players, they have been on the go since the middle of 2015.

First came 2015 fall camp at college, then the 2015 season. Then graduation and preparation for the combine and draft occurred. After that, straight into NFL Rookie camps, NFL OTA’s, then you have a short summer before the 2016 preseason games started.

Players get cut and shuffled then the NFL regular season begins, for Blake it lasted until February; so pretty much since the middle of July 2015 when the summer sessions for Baylor were occurring, he has been involved in something football related.

The Falcons are off until April 17th when veterans return for 8 weeks of variously plotted out mini camps and OTA’s. Rookies will be added after the draft at the end of April.



Blake has now officially re-signed with Atlanta for 2017.



Well, what can be said about a historic loss. Atlanta all but had the game wrapped up before a massive comeback by New England. Arguably from where the game was in the 3rd and 4th quarter Atlanta would win 9 times out of 10.

They did not.

Blake is travelling back to Texas for a while and will be signed a futures contract shortly. It will allow for the first relaxing period since midway through 2015. The NFL has a more spaced out off season than college football and it will give Blake a nice opportunity to re-set and prepare for 2017.

Blake SB pregame


Its the day before the Superbowl and all the preparation is done. Sean and room mates Keith Orcutt from the Baylor football team have visited Blake in Houston and will see the game.

Its a tremendous and rare experience and from here its all on the players and coaches.



The focus rightly has been on how Blake and the Atlanta Falcons, for Sean circumstances have taken a rapid change in course.

At the end of the bowl game victory against Boise State, Sean came on for the last 2 drives, during what were normal contact on several plays he again felt the symptoms of concussion; these continued after the game.

This was the 3rd time he had felt these symptoms, in fall camp he missed 10 days with a concussion. This is a serious condition and after further medical advise and an MRI, it was decided that more football would more than likely lead to more symptoms and on-going complications. This was the first year that Sean did not return home after the bowl game and this shows how serious a situation such innocuous contact had caused.

So Sean has decided that he will for-go his senior season and take a medical retirement. Its a heart-breaking decision but a necessary one. Sean will graduate this summer. The program has many new faces, new coaches and a new direction. It would be a much tougher choice perhaps with the previous staff in place but Baylor will be okay and now so will Sean.



All of the pregame festivities are happening in Houston in preparation for the game.

A great article is posted here from the ESPN Australia website.

Blake SB mid week media