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MAY ’17

The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Indianapolis Colts #63) and Sean Muir (#74 retired), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the roster of the Indianapolis Colts. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 

May ’17

Its been quite a month. Nothing showcases the talent over-supply in the NFL quite like the free agency movement and time of the draft.

Not long after starting off season workouts the Falcons placed Blake on waivers to make room on their roster. In the NFL when you’re up, you’re not really up, and when you’re down its only a short amount of time before you’re up again.

Both the Ravens and Colts had try outs to start May and Blake attended both of them.


Out of the 73 attendees to the Colts 3-day camp, Blake was 1 of the 5 players signed to the roster. So through the upcoming veteran OTA’s and 2017 season training camp Blake will be in Indianapolis preparing.

OTA Dates: May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 1-2, June 5, June 8, June 13-15.

Training Camp: July 26

The likelihood is that we won’t see Blake back in Australia until the second half of June when Organised Training Activities (OTA’s) are finished.


The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74 retired), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 

April 18th 2017

Its happening.



April 4th 2017

Note the dates here for the Falcons taken from this website.

Blake will head to Atlanta immediately prior to the April 17th report date.

Sean reports that he is on schedule to graduate in August. He also reports that he is feeling much better and symptoms that led to his sitting out his Senior year are subsiding.


The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74 retired), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 

March 13th 2017

Lots of speculation about the off season moves for the Falcons. A good place to catch up with the latest news might be the SB Nation blog ‘Falcoholic’ that does a pretty good job keeping up to date with all things Atlanta Falcons.

Of course the team official page is also an excellent official source.



The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game and qualified for their second ever Superbowl and first since 1998.

Blake Muir, previous member of the Sutherland Seahawks will be a part of the Falcons preparation as a member of the practice squad since the middle of the year.

Articles can be found here, here and here.

Blake SB prep '17Beginning his football journey as a part of the Seahawks Colts team in 2009 and led to a scholarship with the University of Hawaii. After starting 12 games in 2012 he transferred to Baylor, going on to start for 2 seasons at Left guard and Right tackle winning multiple all conference accolades and Big 12 Commissioner awards for academics.


After spending time with the 49ers and Packers during his rookie NFL season, Blake has been on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons since the middle of the year. A victory on Monday morning Sydney time would entitle him to a coveted Superbowl ring, one of the most recognisable awards in world sport.

An online diary for Blake and his brother Sean can be found here.

It has been a full and hectic first year for Blake and he has represented himself, his family and his original club with the class and professionalism as when he first started with as a 17 year old.

Blake SB mid week mediaThe game will kick off around 10am Monday morning Sydney time Feb 6th.


The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74 retired), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 


The Falcons obviously had the longest season along with the Patriots. For Blake, and other rookie players, they have been on the go since the middle of 2015.

First came 2015 fall camp at college, then the 2015 season. Then graduation and preparation for the combine and draft occurred. After that, straight into NFL Rookie camps, NFL OTA’s, then you have a short summer before the 2016 preseason games started.

Players get cut and shuffled then the NFL regular season begins, for Blake it lasted until February; so pretty much since the middle of July 2015 when the summer sessions for Baylor were occurring, he has been involved in something football related.

The Falcons are off until April 17th when veterans return for 8 weeks of variously plotted out mini camps and OTA’s. Rookies will be added after the draft at the end of April.



Blake has now officially re-signed with Atlanta for 2017.



Well, what can be said about a historic loss. Atlanta all but had the game wrapped up before a massive comeback by New England. Arguably from where the game was in the 3rd and 4th quarter Atlanta would win 9 times out of 10.

They did not.

Blake is travelling back to Texas for a while and will be signed a futures contract shortly. It will allow for the first relaxing period since midway through 2015. The NFL has a more spaced out off season than college football and it will give Blake a nice opportunity to re-set and prepare for 2017.

Blake SB pregame


Its the day before the Superbowl and all the preparation is done. Sean and room mates Keith Orcutt from the Baylor football team have visited Blake in Houston and will see the game.

Its a tremendous and rare experience and from here its all on the players and coaches.



The focus rightly has been on how Blake and the Atlanta Falcons, for Sean circumstances have taken a rapid change in course.

At the end of the bowl game victory against Boise State, Sean came on for the last 2 drives, during what were normal contact on several plays he again felt the symptoms of concussion; these continued after the game.

This was the 3rd time he had felt these symptoms, in fall camp he missed 10 days with a concussion. This is a serious condition and after further medical advise and an MRI, it was decided that more football would more than likely lead to more symptoms and on-going complications. This was the first year that Sean did not return home after the bowl game and this shows how serious a situation such innocuous contact had caused.

So Sean has decided that he will for-go his senior season and take a medical retirement. Its a heart-breaking decision but a necessary one. Sean will graduate this summer. The program has many new faces, new coaches and a new direction. It would be a much tougher choice perhaps with the previous staff in place but Baylor will be okay and now so will Sean.



All of the pregame festivities are happening in Houston in preparation for the game.

A great article is posted here from the ESPN Australia website.

Blake SB mid week media


The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [page run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 




The Falcons are leaving on the team charter plane for Houston. See Blake on the tarmac at 3:30 of this clip.

You can also listen to the latest podcast with Blake here.


It might be Australia Day in Sydney but the Atlanta Falcons are getting ready for the New England Patriots. You can follow their official website here.

Follow their instagram and twitter through all the usual channels.

Blake SB prep '17

Courtesy of


Football takes you to weird and wonderful places, with the dominate victory of the Atlanta Falcons over the Green Bay Packers yesterday, it will take Blake to Reliant Stadium in Houston in 2 weeks time for a chance to win the Superbowl.


Arguably the most single recognized sporting event in the world, the Atlanta Falcons will play in their 2nd ever Superbowl against the New England Patriots; the most successful team of the modern era. The Falcons have never won a Superbowl, the Patriots will be attempting to win their 5th in 8 attempts.

For Blake it will mean two more weeks of practicing and preparation. His inside familiarity of Green Bay’s team from his time there was a valuable resource in the preparation of the NFC Championship and the Falcons sure did deliver.

Full highlights of the game can be seen here.


Blake NFC Ch'ship week

The Falcons are favoured at home to the Packers. The teams met each other back in week #8 and the Falcons won 33-32 in one of the best games of the year. That game was also at home in the Georgia Dome. Every game for the last 3 weeks has potentially been the last game ever at the Georgia Dome for the Falcons……. this time it definitely will be the last. The Superbowl will be in Houston at Reliant Stadium.


With a victory over Seattle, the Falcons progress to the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

The game will occur Monday morning 7am Sydney time. More info to follow during the week.



The Atlanta Falcons will play the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional round of the playoffs at home.

Kickoff time will be 8.30am Sunday morning Sydney time.



You won’t get a chance to catch up with Sean this time, he’s staying in Waco between bowl game and the start of school. This semester he will be able to graduate so there are a lot of final academic touches to put on things through May. The new Baylor coaches are assembling and their focus obviously is on signing day in early February.

The Atlanta Falcons are using their first round playoff bye to get ready for the highest ranked winner from the Wild Card round. Seattle play Detroit and New York play Green Bay.

Blake practicing at Left Guard. Courtesy

Blake practicing at Left Guard. Courtesy



The Atlanta Falcons finished off their 2016 regular season with a strong win over the New Orleans Saints. They have now finished with the #2 seed in the NFC and will have a week off.

Baylor meanwhile has just hired a new OL coach George DeLeone from Temple and a new offensive coordinator Matt Lubick from Oregon.



Multiple club records have fallen in 2016.

Starting out in the Seahawks Junior Gridiron Competition, 2016 saw a new record set for season touchdowns. The mark of 27 from Harry Clarke in 2015, has now been extended by Daniel Mauga-Hall to 44.

The Colts team improved in multiple areas.

The offence set a new record for yards per play (9.48) which was ahead of 2014’s (8.9). QB Justin Whiting set a new completion percentage record with 63.8%, a huge increase over the previous best of 53.4% by Ian Triganza in 2001. Whiting claimed the highest passing yardage total in a game and also the highest total yardage by a QB rush and pass combined with 383 yards against Bondi. No Colts player before has had over 1000 yards each rushing and passing.

Whiting added an incredible rushing performance to his passing. His 1260 yards is the 2nd all-time for the club in Colts football, done in just 9 games! His best single game totals were good enough for 5th, 6th and 9th best all time in a game. His average per rush of 11.45 is the best ever for any player with at least 50 carries and 3rd all time for any player with at least 20. His 17 touchdowns is 3rd highest for the club. With 30 total touchdowns in Colts football, Whiting is now tied with Brandon Martel and Jeremiah Parker for the career Colts touchdown lead; a deadlock he will surely break in 2017.


Running back Oli Tamoura had single game totals good enough for 7th and 8th all time. His average of 15.45 yards per carry is 2nd highest for a player with at least 20 carries. His 6 carries for 188 yards in the Semi Final against Sydney University is the highest average in a game for a player with at least 5 carries.

Jake Wedesweiler finished 2016 with 32 receptions, 6th highest all time. That he did it in just 5 games is remarkable. His 66 in 2 seasons is the most for a Seahawks Colts player, whilst his 754 yards is 3rd and 20 receiving touchdowns is 2nd all time. Wedesweiler is the leader in 2 point PAT’s with 15.

Among many players who finished their careers in Colts football in 2016, several of them finishing with at least 3 Colts championships, defensive player Blake Zumot ended up 2nd on the all time colts tackling list. His 148 tackles, 9 sacks and 9 takeaways over 3 seasons is behind only Matthew Crawford’s (04′-06′) 164.

In Division One, QB Daniel Besz 1st, 5th and 7th highest passing yardage games ever for the club; this included only the 2nd ever 400 yard passing game and new record for the club with 420 yards against the Nepean Ducks.

Lastly, veteran players Aaron Beyer and Scott Lawrence reached the milestone of 100 career games. Beyer did so combined in Colts, Division One and representative football, Scott started as a Division One player and also has played for NSW.


The Sutherland Seahawks Junior Gridiron competition was taken out by the Mitchell Wiseman coached ‘Yellow Jackets’, 34-20 over the Green Tanks.

The game had to be pushed back from the friday night due to severe weather and ground closure, but that didn’t stop the Yellow Jackets from continuing on their undefeated streak.


Up 16-14 at the half, the Yellow Jackets scored first when Zyon Iosefa caught his 3rd of what would end up being 4 touchdowns for a 22-14 lead. A defensive stop by the Jackets via Seb Riley’s 12th interception of the year, led to another Iosefa touchdown and seemingly unassailable 28-14 lead.

The Green Tanks have been the highest scoring team in the competition, with 3 different players scoring at least 10 touchdowns. Bailey Ambrosi’s touchdown drew the score to within reach at 28-20 but with only a few minutes remaining. Trying to wind down the clock the Yellow Jackets claimed a crucial first down and finally, as often happens under such desperate defence, ball carrier Ryan Williams broke free for a touchdown as time expired.

With his 4 touchdowns, a forced fumble and an interception, Zyon Iosefa was named game MVP.

The Green Tanks led the league in touchdowns but couldn't get the final win.

The Green Tanks led the league in touchdowns but couldn’t get the final win.

It was a second successful year for the Seahawks Junior Gridiron Program. New players, coaches and officials were exposed to the game. Games and practices were accessible and costs were a reasonable entry point and very competitive with sports that don’t have nearly the same amount of equipment needs.

Teams improved as the season went, the White Wolves had the poorest record but won their last 2 games demonstrating excellent tenacity and enthusiasm. Daniel Mauga-Hall won the award for league leading scorer finishing with a mighty 44 touchdowns, extending the record set in 2015 of 27.


It was the first year where the difficult challenge of staging Junior, Colts and Division One at the same time of year. It was the first year that the club has had someone in the NFL and our player numbers in College will expand again next year.


Up 16-6 at the half, the Sutherland Seahawks scored twice more in the second to win 32-14, continuing an undefeated streak that began back in 2013 . The win secured the club’s 4th straight championship and 9th overall.

Scoring four touchdowns to two, the Seahawks ran and threw the ball convincingly then backed it up with enough defence to constantly stay a step ahead of UTS. Quarterback Justin Whiting was named game MVP and co-League MVP. He ran for 1 touchdown himself and threw 2 more to tight end Jake Wedesweiler.

4 straight Colts titles.

Just 7 starters returned from the 2015 team, new-comers joined the program to become starters and key contributors , some stepping up from the Seahawks Junior competition giving the team an average age of just 16.7 on offence and 16.9 on defence. Head Coach Jason Lambropoulos also stepped up into the new role in 2016 taking over from brother Christos.

Back up Running Back Nick Predkowski started the game and had a key rushing touchdown to begin the second half and stretch the Seahawks lead to 24-6. The 2 point conversion put the Seahawks up by 3 scores and in reality iced the game.


5 sacks from the defence was the best return for the whole season, UTS had to play desperately to catch up through he second half and mistakes piled up. Linebacker Cooper Sly again led the tackle count, John Englezos and Blake Zumot played both ways throughout the game and each had 2 of the team sacks.


The offense ended the season with 11.6 yards per rush attempt and recorded a 3rd straight season with 50 touchdowns, mighty achievements considering the shortened season and number of changes on the roster.

The victory is testimony of the overall management of the Colts program and its ability to win with different players and different systems. The roster has turned over 100% of its players since 2013 and just 3 were part of the 2014 roster. 2017 promises to be even better as the team continues to mature and grow.



The diary blog page of Blake (#73 Baylor, Atlanta Falcons #64) and Sean Muir (#74), brothers, former Sutherland Seahawk players Baylor Football offensive linemen and Blake is now on the practice squad of the Atlanta Falcons. [run by the Sutherland Seahawks Gridiron Club] 

December 29th

Such a strong victory for Baylor over Boise State. The defence had one of its best games ever to win 31-12.



Sean played in the 4th quarter in relief of stalwart center Kyle Fuller who completed his eligibility in this game.
Full recap can be seen below.

December 27th

Bowl game is tomorrow; get excited.


December 22nd

You can listen to a podcast interviewing Blake and read up on the latest fox sports article on him here.

Whilst the Baylor Bears prepare for the Cactus Bowl against Boise State in Arizona, an interview with new Baylor coach Matt Rhule can be watched at this link. The Cactus Bowl will be 2.15pm next Wednesday afternoon Sydney time. Sean will be the back up center.


December 17th

December 7th This tweet is all you need to know right now about where Baylor is at with its Head Coaching situation.

December 6th The season will continue for one more game for the Baylor Bears despite their narrow loss to West Virginia on the road 24-21. A full recap can be found here.

Sean and the Baylor football team will now play Boise State in the Cactus Bowl in Arizona on December 27th. All this occurs while Baylor decides on who its next Head Coach is going to be. An announcement could occur within the week.

Atlanta meanwhile went down narrowly to the Kansas City Chiefs; the winning score amazingly occurring via a 2 point PAT attempt returned by the Chiefs, flipping the 1 point lead in their favour. Replay here.


December 1st The Baylor Bears are in a funk that only the announcement of a new coach can possibly lift. Now on a 5 game losing streak, with a trip to West Virginia remaining, the Bears will still get a bowl game invite but its hardly the season finish everyone hoped for after starting 6-0. The Atlanta Falcons ont he other hand came off the bye week to defeat the Arizona Cardinals. They will play Kansas City this week in one of the games of the round. The Falcons hosted families of fallen war veterans at home last week. Blake was able to catch up with some families at practice prior to the game for Thanksgiving. Pic courtesy of blake-thanksgiving-16a